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Kasunda reading the code of conduct for teachers

Code of conduct for teachers is one of the most important tools that fuel quality education at any school among teachers and students.

Kawale primary school is one of the schools under the Balang’ombe zone in Lilongwe district which has benefited from training by CRECCOM through its Girls Get Equal- Nzotheka project on teacher’s code of conduct and readmission.

The head teacher for Kawale primary school, Kasunda said that the training on the school’s code of conduct has helped students at his school to be coming in time than before.

“Most of the learners used to come to school very late and end up missing a lot of lessons and was a very big problem,” said Kasunda.

Kasunda said that there was no written code of conduct for teachers at the school. Sometimes, Kasunda said that even teachers used to come to school very late and end up not teaching most of the topics they planned to teach.

“The code of conduct assisted us to be asking teachers who would be late to be writing a report as to why they are late and this improved the performances of the teachers when it comes to coming to school in time,” said Kasunda.

Kasunda also said that some of the male teachers used to propose to female students at the school which made most of the learners not to be comfortable in class.

Kasunda said that this has changed as there are no cases of male teachers proposing to female students as the code of conduct detests this kind of behavior.


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