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Strategic Plan - 2021 - 2040

CRECCOM Board, Management, staff, and stakeholders aspire and are determined to contribute towards Malawi’s 2063 Visions of an “inclusively wealthy and self-reliant industrialized, upper-middle-income country by” mobilizing self-motivated citizens, resilient and responsive to the ever-changing world. As a means to an end, we shall mobilize local agencies in 80% of rural communities in Malawi and empower citizens to lead their development agenda. We shall ensure CRECCOM’s sustainability

Strategic Framework & Pillars

By 2040

  • 1.5 million (currently representing a quarter of the adolescent population) rural Malawian girls and boys acquire essential learning outcomes; practice employability skills for life; are safe from exploitation, harmful practices, and violence; benefit from integrated social services; and become change agents in their communities.

  • CRECCOM will be committed to community-led development.

  • We are going to test, implement and recommend scale policy solutions and social innovations.

  • CRECCOM will grow in projects’ portfolio with revenue of $20 million annually.

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