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Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Kondwani Msukwa wearing a school uniform he bought after doing small scale business of selling mandasi

Kondwani Msukwa, 17, is one of the form 4 students at Namatubi Community Day Secondary School who has benefited a lot from the school’s youth forum which was established by the Creative Centre for Community Mobilization under Improving Education Quality in Community Day Secondary School which was funded by Mastercard Foundation and Echidna Giving.

Kondwani is from Noah Village, Traditional Authority Mwaulambia in Chitipa district.

Kondwani said that due to the establishment of the youth forum at his school, he was very eager to learn different skills and knowledge that were being taught by CRECCOM Officials during the youth forum sessions.

“I started a small-scale business of selling doughnuts after being trained with CRECCOM with a capital of 500 Malawi Kwacha. I bought baking floor and tried baking the doughnuts.,” said Kondwani

Kondwani said that he managed to get a profit of 500 Malawi Kwacha from his first production and then took another 500 Malawi Kwacha to bake more doughnuts and made a profit of 1200 Malawi Kwacha which he saved in his TNM Mpamba account.

Kondwani said, “in two weeks, I made a total profit of 20,000 Malawi kwacha which I saved in my TNM Mpamba account.”

“I bought exercise books, instrument, calculator, school uniform, hardcovers for writing Mathematics and Biology,” said Kondwani.

Kondwani said that he was making the business during the time he was on holiday and that time he was in form 2 and he continued with the business when he went on to forms 3 and 4.

Kondwani is grateful to CRECCOM for teaching him the knowledge of entrepreneurship.

Some parents are poor and cannot manage to take care of their children and CRECCOM taught us different skills and knowledge on how best we can indulge in entrepreneurship, read different books, and other sophisticated skills and knowledge,” said Kondwani.

When he finishes school, Kondwani would like to become a Policeman to protect his community.


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