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Nursery of trees

Following the training that Mwangazi primary school received from the school by Creative Centre for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM) under the Girls Get Equal project with funding from Norad through Plan International, a safe school committee was developed.

According to CRECCOM Program Officer for Girls get equal project, Emily Mwaipopo, the safe school committee ensure that schools are safe for teacher and learners so that education outcomes are attained.

As such, the Headteacher at the school, Mr. Waphanga said that there used to be a shortage of trees at the school which made many students the school lack enough shade for resting and eating their lunch break snacks.

“Most of the students would not go out of their classes during summertime as trees to provide enough shades were few,” said Waphanga.

John Maida, 13, in standard 6 said that they could not feel any difference between a classes session and a lunch break as they could just stay in class throughout the whole period they stay at the school as trees are few and only a few students could only attend to the shades,” said Maida.

Safe School Committee for Mwangazi primary school has planted trees at the school to ensure that the school has enough shade for students during break time.

Also, the Safe School Committee said that the trees will help to prevent soil erosion and provide fresh air for the children when they are in class during summertime.


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