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Grey Makaka Ng'ambi (in white) with his fellow students during one of the study circles

Grey Makaka Ng’ambi, 20, is a form four student at Namatubi Community Day Secondary School in the Chitipa district who has benefited from study circles that happens at his school. Before the introduction of the study circles at the school, Grey said that he used to face different challenges in terms of understanding different topics for several subjects.

“I used to face difficulties in understanding several topics in Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and English subjects, but, with the coming in of the study circles at the school due to the interventions by Creative Centre for Community Mobilization under Let Girls Learn project, my academic life has changed for better,” said Grey

Grey said that he can understand different topics in English, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics since together with his classmates and a teacher who acts as their supervisor, they meet for an hour or two soon after knocking off from their classes to read and make group discussions in their study circle.

“When we find very difficult questions, our teachers are always around to assist it. Sometimes, if one student has understood a certain topic well, he or she teaches the other fellow students who did not understand the topic,” said Grey

Rose Phiri, a form 3 student at the school said that she used to face difficulties in chemistry subjects when she was given any homework at school as there was no one to assist her.

“With the coming in of the study circle at my school, I have been receiving assistance from my fellow students and teachers on how best to approach different homework in Chemistry subject but now, I no longer see the subject as being a difficult one. I can understand different topics under Chemistry subject,” said Rose.


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