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Mulinga family providing testimony

Before the Breakthrough Action project, I together with my children was on a big problem. For me to reach out to my husband to ask for money to buy groceries at home,” said Tapiwa

Tapiwa who is a wife to Wadson Mulinga said that even for their two children who are at home to reach out to their father on different needs that they would need at school, it was a big problem.

“For children to ask for pocket money and even money to pay school fees was a big problem for my husband used to think that is it a waste of his time to be focusing on family matters,” said Tapiwa.

Tapiwa said that with the coming of Breakthrough Action, her husband has changed for the better as he now puts the education of his children to heart.

“He is now able to give pocket money for the children to use at school willingly as he has learned the importance of taking care of his family and including the education of his children,” said Tapiwa.

Mulinga said that he has learned the importance of having children at his house and even taking care of the family.

“Through the Breakthrough Action project, I have learned that when we do not educate our children, we tend to fuel poverty in our family as well as the rest of the nation which is a big problem,” said Wadson Mulinga

Mulinga said that children used to fear him when he is arriving at his house and even to ask for money to buy pen when they lost the pen they had.

“Mentor fathers that were trained under Breakthrough Action reached me and encouraged me to be taking part in the sessions under the project and my life has been transformed for better,” said Mulinga.

Mulinga also added that he is now able to assist his wife with different household chores as this was not the case before.

“When my wife is bust with some household chores and requires some extra hand, I do take time to assist her which was not the case before,” said Mulinga.


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