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Parent Teachers Association (PTA) committee is one of the structures at any school which helps to ensure that any school is being operated well. As for Chinunkha CDSS PTA, it did not know different ways how to ensure that the qualities at its school are enhanced until Creative Centre for Community Mobilization came with its Let Girls Learn project funded by Echidna Giving.

The Chairperson for Chinunkha CDSS PTA committee, Richard Kilawo from Group Village Head Mwenefumbo, Traditional Authority Mwaulambia in Chitipa district has appreciated CRECCOM for coming up with the Let Girls Learn project which has improved education quality at the school.

“CRECCOM has assisted our school in terms of empowering them on the importance of education, how teachers should handle female students and boys so that they should perform well at the school.

He said that PTA Committee at the school has been provided with civic education on how to take care of female students at the school.

“We have been educated on the importance of ensuring that girls work hard in their education by empowering them that they can also do well in their studies just like the male students. Most female students used to think that male students are the only ones that are supposed to perform well in class but with the civic education we received with CRECCOM, a lot has changed.”


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