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NACC trains various community structures on soap and fertilizer making after being trained by Milimo

An assessment of NACC’s capacity gaps that was conducted by Milimo Activity in 2022 revealed that one of the areas that NACC needed support was sustainable resource mobilization skills precisely social enterprise. NACC continues to rely on donor funds for resources that are essential in achieving their mandate. However, according to NACC’s Learning and Accountability Manager Racheal Harawa, this affects the organization negatively as the donor funds alone are usually not enough for NACC to achieve their desired targets.

“We have a lot of work to do and a lot of people to reach out to but we fail to meet our desired targets as funds are limited. As such, we work in accordance with what is available from the donors. But I believe this will no longer be the case in the near future because Milimo has trained us on how we can manufacture some products and sell as a social enterprise.” Harawa explained. Milimo trained NACC and other CBOs that they work with in production of items like Soap, Soya Pieces, Milk, Fertilizer and Spread Jam.

“We identified three CBOs namely Chigwenya, Nancholi and Lumeta as well as Bwananyambi youth group to be with us at the Milimo training because we believe that these structures that we work with also need such skills to serve the people better in their communities”, Harawa added.

After the training, NACC extended the skills sharing to other community structures and also encouraged the trained CBOs to extend the skills with other community structures.

On 10th October, 2023, NACC trained 8 young women of a Village Savings and Loans (VSL) group from Bwananyambi on Soap and Fertilizer making.

One of the trained women Dorothy Mailosi testified that the training will help her group to make money and be economically self-reliant as women. “After this training we will make our own products and sell in our community but we will also share these skills with others’, said Mailosi. Currently, NACC has already started packing the soap and selling in their tuck-shop. As social responsibility, NACC also dominated some soap to girls who are on boarding at Nkumba Community Day Secondary School.


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