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As a way of ensuring that students stay focused on education, Mother Group provides enough advice on the importance of education to children who have dropped out of school.

Frank Bandula, 17, from Makina Village, Group Village Head Tonthola, Traditional Authority Juma in Mulanje district is one of the students at Kachere 2 primary school who dropped out of school due to laziness when he was in standard 6.

Mother group Secretary for Kachere 2 primary school said that they visited Frank to encourage him on the importance of education.

“We visited him and noticed that it was all because of laziness but was capable of continuing with his education,” said Thipa.

Frank said that he used to do nothing about school when he dropped out of school.

“I used to just take care of the goats,” said Frank.

Frank at School

“Since I dropped out of school when I was in my second term of standard 6 mother group noticed my absence at the school and then paid me a visit during the third term and encouraged me and my parents on the importance of education and I am now ready to go back to school when the school opens on 4 January 2022,” said Frank.

When he finishes school, Frank said that he would like to become a Policeman.

“I want to assist in providing security in my community.

Janet Ligomeka a mother group Chair-person of Kachere primary school, said that despite working on female students in assisting them to go back to school, the training which they received under the Girls Get Equal project by Creative Centre for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM) with funding from


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