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Updated: Mar 6

School happy with the suggestion box

Maloanyama Primary School, nestled in the heart of Mchemani Zone in Lilongwe District, faced numerous challenges hindering students' learning experience and overall well-being. Inside the classroom, a lack of open communication channels stifled students' ability to express ideas, concerns, and suggestions. During break periods, issues like bullying, exclusion, and safety concerns persisted, leaving students feeling helpless and unheard.

CRECCOM's Girls Get Equal Project, funded by NORAD through Plan International Malawi, brought hope and transformation to Maloanyama Primary School. The introduction of a simple yet powerful tool—the suggestion box—became a catalyst for positive change and empowerment.

Headteacher Boston James Mwale shared, "The suggestion box has given our students a voice. It has provided them with a platform to express their opinions and concerns freely. We are witnessing a positive shift in their engagement and overall well-being."

Under the guidance of the Safe School Committee, the suggestion box proved to be a game-changer. Committee Member Alice Chirwa stated, "The suggestion box allows us to address issues promptly and effectively. Our students now feel empowered, knowing that their voices matter."

Among those benefiting from this transformative tool is Glory Kenani, a standard 5 student. She shared her experience, "The suggestion box gave me the courage to speak up about safety concerns. Now, I feel safer, and my classmates and I are working together to make our school a better place."

With the power of the suggestion box, Maloanyama Primary School witnessed a remarkable impact—students found their voices, challenges were addressed, and a new era of empowerment and positive change began


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