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At St. Joseph Primary School, Higil Chimwaza takes pride in the progress of his ward, Femia Nkhoma, a diligent student in Standard 1. Since Femia embarked on her educational journey at the school, Chimwaza has witnessed remarkable advancements, attributing much of this growth to the innovative BEFIT program.

Reflecting on Femia's development, Chimwaza notes a significant enhancement in her cognitive abilities. "There has been a notable improvement in Femia's ability to think critically," he observes. The structured lessons provided by the BEFIT program have been instrumental in fostering her capacity to identify and comprehend various objects, from everyday items like pencils to more abstract concepts like places.

Beyond its academic benefits, Chimwaza sees the BEFIT program as a gateway to technological literacy for Femia. In an increasingly digitized world, he emphasizes the importance of early exposure to digital devices. "Knowing how to use technology is essential in today's world," he explains. By incorporating digital learning tools into Femia's education, the BEFIT program equips her with the skills needed to navigate the digital landscape confidently.

The transition from traditional writing tools to digital devices marks a significant milestone in Femia's educational journey. "Before, Femia relied on pens, pencils, and exercise books for writing," Chimwaza recalls. "But now, she can effortlessly engage with various forms of content on tablets and smartphones." This shift not only enhances Femia's learning experience but also prepares her for the demands of a technologically-driven society.

As Chimwaza continues to advocate for the BEFIT program, he envisions a future where Femia and her peers emerge as adept problem-solvers and digital citizens. Through their shared dedication to education, Chimwaza and the BEFIT program lay the foundation for Femia's success, empowering her to thrive in an ever-evolving world.


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