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In the nurturing embrace of St. Joseph Primary School, Monica Kagone, a dedicated mother, tirelessly invests in the future of her beloved daughter, Pisaya, a bright student in Standard 1. Monica's unwavering commitment to Pisaya's education is evident in her relentless pursuit of opportunities for her child's growth and development.

Monica fondly recalls the transformative influence of the Building Education Foundations through Innovation and Technology (BEFIT) program on Pisaya's academic journey. "BEFIT has been a game-changer," Monica reflects with a smile. "Especially in Mathematics, Pisaya has made remarkable progress."

Gone are the days when Pisaya struggled with basic arithmetic. Monica vividly remembers her daughter's apprehension towards mathematics. "She didn't enjoy it at all," Monica confesses. "Simple addition seemed like an insurmountable challenge for her." However, with the introduction of the BEFIT program, Pisaya's attitude towards mathematics underwent a remarkable transformation. "Now," Monica proudly exclaims, "she tackles mathematical problems with confidence and ease."

For Monica, Pisaya's newfound love for mathematics is more than just academic success—it's the realization of a dream. "I always wanted Pisaya to become an accountant," Monica reveals. "But I worried that her aversion to mathematics would hinder her aspirations." However, with the support of the BEFIT program, Monica's fears have been allayed. "Pisaya's potential is limitless," she beams. "And I know that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to."

But Pisaya's progress extends beyond the realm of mathematics. Monica marvels at her daughter's linguistic development facilitated by the BEFIT program. "Pisaya can now construct sentences and articulate her thoughts with clarity," Monica observes with pride. "It's incredible to witness her growth."

As Monica continues to champion Pisaya's educational journey, she remains grateful for the transformative impact of the BEFIT program. With each passing day, Pisaya's horizons expand, fueled by her mother's unwavering support and the innovative tools provided by BEFIT. Together, they journey towards a future brimming with promise and opportunity.







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