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Chikonde teacher appreciates the skills and knowledge from CRECCOM on School Improvement Plan

The School Board of Governance is one of the pillars of any school which works hand in hand with the headteacher to improve the standards of the school for the betterment of its school.

Chikonde Community Day Secondary School is one of the schools at Traditional Authority Nkanda in Mulanje district which has a Board of Governance which was established due to Improving education Qualities in Community Day Secondary School funded by Mastercard Foundation and Echidna Giving, and implemented by Creative Centre for Community Mobilization. When this project was phased out in 2021, the Let Girls Learn project emerged.

The headteacher for Chikonde CDSS, Master Dzimbiri, said that when BOG for the school noticed that classroom window glasses were broken and this made the school not look well and this called for a plan in their action plan.

“BOG bought 35 new window glasses through PTA funds and the overall total was 250,000 Malawi Kwacha which made it possible for the new glasses to be bought,” said Dzimbiri.

Chisomo Moyo, 16, is a form 2 student at the school and said that the new window glasses are making the school look beautiful and will help during the cold season

“We used to get cold during the winter season and this made us be irritated and not even focus on class lessons and this is all a history,” said Moto.


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