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Chiendausiku ADC Confident in Milimo Activity

Zione Phiri Chiyendausiku ADC chairperson

Chiendausiku ADC Chairperson Zione Phiri expressed confidence in Milimo Local Capacity Building Activity, as she believes that it will achieve its goal in her area. Phiri made her remarks after participating in the community mapping exercise, which CRECCOM facilitated at Chiendausiku CBO in Group Village Headman Chiendausiku, Traditional Authority Nsamala in Balaka district.

“It’s not enough to just listen to an officer presenting what a project will do in the area. That is why it is my responsibility as a leader to follow up on the ground to understand what is being implemented and how well it is being done." said Phiri.

According to her, she was satisfied with the Milimo Activity approach because it is not a spoon-feeding kind of a project but rather a capacity-building one hence assuring sustainability.

“As a representative of the ADC, I now have confidence in Milimo Activity and am assured that our CBO will champion the development work even after the phasing out of the project,” Phiri concluded


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