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BEFIT Team's 2-Day Review Meeting in Mulanje Sparks Enthusiasm for Transforming Education

BEFIT meeting in progress in Mulanje

The Building Education Foundations through Innovation and Technology (BEFIT) team recently concluded a successful 2-day review meeting in Mulanje, which saw educators and stakeholders united in their commitment to revolutionizing education through innovation and technology. The meeting brought together teachers, head teachers, and government representatives from Mitawa 1 and Mulanje Government primary schools, along with officials from the Ministry of Education, including the esteemed Director of Education Youth and Sports (DEYS), Chief Executive Officer from Mulanje district, Primary Education Advisors (PEAs), Assistant Centre Coordinators, and Zonal EMIS Officers.

During the enriching session, participants engaged in a thorough discussion on the program's achievements, challenges faced, valuable lessons learned, and potential areas for further improvement. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and creativity as all attendees collaborated to explore ways to enhance the BEFIT program's impact on schools, communities, and the education ecosystem.

"We are thrilled by the dedicated attendance of educators and stakeholders, especially considering the meeting fell on a holiday," stated Mr. Francis Mhone, the Director of Finance and Administration at the Creative Centre for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM), expressing heartfelt appreciation for their unwavering commitment.

The Director of Education Youth and Sports (DEYS) for Mulanje district, Mr Enock Chumachao also conveyed profound gratitude to the teachers and CRECCOM for their pivotal roles in the pilot phase of the program. He acknowledged their unwavering dedication and passion for empowering students through technology and innovation, which has been instrumental in driving positive change.

The BEFIT program has emerged as a beacon of hope for transforming education, and the review meeting in Mulanje marks a significant step forward in its mission to harness the power of innovation and technology to create a brighter future for students and communities alike.


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