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Transformative Impact of Code of Conduct Training in Ruo Primary School

The adherence to a school's code of conduct is a fundamental aspect often overlooked in many primary educational institutions. Ruo Primary School, located in the Mulanje district, was no exception to this trend. However, a transformative intervention by CRECCOM under the GGE project, funded by Norad through Plan International, brought about significant changes in the school's environment.

Prior to the intervention, Ruo Primary School faced numerous challenges stemming from the lax enforcement of its code of conduct. Headteacher Handford Mulima highlighted the prevalent irregularities among teachers, leading to a stagnation in educational progress. Teachers' habitual tardiness and absenteeism hindered the timely commencement of lessons, leaving students idle and unengaged. John Kalusa, a student in standard 6, echoed the sentiment, revealing how crucial learning hours were wasted as teachers neglected their duties.

“Most of the teachers at the school used to never come at the school in good time to begin their work... a huge blow to the students as they had to wait for them.”

“...teachers used to never teach the first two to three of the subjects and... fellow classmates were just busy playing during these hours.”

Following the training on the utilization of the code of conduct, facilitated by CRECCOM under the GGE project, a remarkable shift occurred within Ruo Primary School. Headteacher Mulima took proactive measures by convening meetings with the teaching staff to emphasize the significance of adherence to the code. Educating them on the repercussions of tardiness and absenteeism, Mulima instilled a sense of accountability among the faculty.

“I even had to share with them... what kind of punishments they can receive for not following what the code of conduct says.”

Since the intervention, Mulima observed a notable improvement in teacher punctuality, marking a departure from the previous laxity. Moreover, a newfound sense of responsibility emerged among the teaching staff, with increased transparency regarding absences.

“After attending to the training on importance of utilizing the code of conduct... teachers are now reporting to me... they do not just get absent from school for any reason unless they are sick or attending to very emergency issues.”

Through the concerted efforts fostered by the GGE project, Ruo Primary School underwent a transformative journey, underscoring the pivotal role of structured interventions in enhancing educational environments.


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