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Some members of the safe school committee holding the suggestion box

To ensure that female students are secured and protected at the school, Safe School Committee from Kachere primary school managed to come up with a suggestion box in which students can raise their concerns that affects them psychologically, mentally, and educationally.

The Headteacher at Kachere 2 primary school, Charles Bamusi said that Safe School Committee said that the suggestion box was produced following the training on Safe School Committee the team received from Creative Centre for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM), under the Girls Get Equal project funded by Norad through Plan International.

Maria Bonongwe, 17, who is one of the students at Kachere primary school said that the suggestion box has invited freedom of expression among her fellow students as they are bae to raise different challenges and problems that they meet among themselves and with their teachers as well.

“At first, we used to hide all our problems among ourselves as there were no any other means we could use to communicate them. We were also afraid to tell our teachers as we feared that they would expose our identity to other students,” said Maria.

Bamusi said that some of the challenges that they received from the students in the suggestion box were concerns from male students over the dressings of female teachers, hash punishments from the teachers, male teachers proposing female students


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