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“Male students at the school used to use bushes around the school as their urinal during classes,” said Kasonda.

Kawale primary school had no toilets for male students apart from female toilets that were built by UNICEF.

Kasonda showcasing the male urinal

After attending training under the Girls Get Equal – Nzotheka project with Creative Centre for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM), Kasonda said that he learned the importance of having a conducive environment for students at the school

“We learned that any school is supposed to have enough toilets to keep the school clean and prevent it from the pollution which results from students urinating in bushes around the school premise,” said Kasonda.

Mayeso Bauleni, 15, a standard 5 student at the school said that he used to go to the bushes around the school premises to urinate during classes and even break time.

“With the construction of the new urinal of the school, I no longer use the bushes as I now use them,” said Bauleni.

Kasonda said that with the assistance of the School Improvement Plan funds and the funds contributed by the community, the male urinal was constructed. Kasonda said that the male urinal was constructed in a way that even students with different disabilities will be able to use it.

“We learned with Nzotheka project that any school structure should be constructed in a way that suits children with different disabilities to enable them to feel safe and protected,” said Kasonda.


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