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Pilirani at school

Pilirani was only 20 years old and in form 1 at Kalenge CDSS at Traditional Authority Mwenemisuku in Chitipa district when she fell in love with a man to marry and opted to drop out of school.

“My mother found out that I do not want to proceed with my education when she came across a hoe which was lying inside the house,” said Pilirani.

She said that in her community, there is a cultural practice called “Mwambo wa khasu” where a man gives a woman or a girl whom he wants to marry and the woman keeps it inside the house of her parents where her parents could see it fast. This acts as a way for any female tells her parents that she has found a man to get married to.

“When my mother found a hoe inside the house, she asked the owner of it. When she discovered that it is mine and told her that a certain man gave it to me asking hand in marriage, she was not happy about it knowing that I am going to drop out of school,” Narrated Pilirani.

Pilirani said that her mother then took the hoe to Kalenge CDSS mother group so that they should assist her in returning Pilirani to school.

The Mother group chairperson for Kalenge CDSS, Mercy Kayange said that they made sure that they identify the man who gave the hoe to Pilirani.


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