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When COVID-19 hit Malawi in early 2020, this forced schools around the globe including Malawi to be on lockdown. Some students lost hope that school might not be open forever. Others got early pregnancies and worse enough others got married as they were shadowed by the rumours that COVID-19 is the end of the world

During this period, Creative Centre for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM) introduced remedial lessons where English lessons were recorded and aired using radio community radio stations to allow students to have the school momentum while at home and even to stay focused on their education as schools were closed.

The Headteacher at Namatubi Community Day Secondary School, Joseph Mswelu, from Group Village Head Nyami, Traditional Authority Mwaulambia of Chitipa district has testified that Creative Centre for Community Mobilization has helped to enhance education qualities at the school through the Let Girls Learn project funded by Echidna Giving.

Mswelu said that CRECCOM came at the right time when Namatubi CDSS was lacking enough skills to keep its students focused on their education as COVID-19 was a major barrier to the future of the students at the school.

“The lessons they gave to teachers have helped quite a lot as they assisted our teachers to cover work in class even during the time of COVID-19 and there is also an improvement in terms of English proficiency among students as the lessons were in English Mswelu said that the passing percentage for both girls and boys has increased during the advanced teaching lessons that have been equipped.

Nswelu said that this has also contributed to making the school have two students from the school selected to public universities as English was one of the keys to guiding the students during their examination


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