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Kambenje Primary School's Journey to Inclusivity Through the Girls Get Equal Project

Children with disabilities often face significant obstacles in their educational journeys, largely due to inadequate infrastructure and a lack of understanding from educators and school committees about inclusive education.

Prior to the training provided by CRECCOM under the Girls Get Equal project funded by Norad through Plan International, Kambenje Primary School struggled with inclusivity. The school's infrastructure did not accommodate students with physical disabilities, making it challenging for these students to access classrooms and participate fully in their education. The PTA and School Management Committee (SMC) lacked the knowledge and skills necessary to support inclusive education effectively.

PTA Chairperson, Mr. Alex Chisoni, described the situation: “Kambenje Primary School used to have classrooms that did not have any ramps to accommodate children with physical disabilities. Students who came to school using wheelchairs faced significant challenges in accessing the classrooms.”

Headteacher, Mr. Willy Malasa Banda, elaborated on the community's role: “Community members contributed to the construction of the ramps by providing sand and labor. The school focused on purchasing cement using School Improvement Grants (SIG).”

The Girls Get Equal project intervention brought significant changes to Kambenje Primary School. The PTA and SMC were trained in inclusive education, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to support all students effectively.

To further enhance and promote child-friendly schools, SMC and PTA members were equipped with child-friendly service provision skills and knowledge. This training, provided by CRECCOM under the Girls Get Equal project, aimed to create conducive, safe, and inclusive environments for all students.

Following the training, an action plan was developed to ensure the school became more inclusive for both students with and without disabilities.

Mr. Alex Chisoni highlighted the improvements: “With the training we received under the Girls Get Equal project, we managed to construct ramps on every classroom. Now, students in wheelchairs can access their classrooms without difficulty.”

Chisoni also shared a specific success story: “There is a student in standard 3 who cannot leave his wheelchair outside the classroom. Thanks to the ramps, he can now enter the classroom and learn alongside his peers without any challenges.”

Mr. Willy Malasa Banda emphasized the collaborative effort: “We managed to construct a total of four ramps, ensuring that three students with physical disabilities can use them without any issues. This was achieved with the help of the community and the training we received.”



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