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In the busy area of Zomba Urban Zone, there's a school called Chikamveka Primary. Eliza is one of the students there. Before Eliza started using BEFIT tablets, learning was hard for her. She found reading and doing math tricky. But then things changed when BEFIT came to her school.

BEFIT is a special program with tablets that help students learn and enhance their numerical and reading skills. With BEFIT, Eliza and her classmates could do interactive lessons. They had a digital teacher named Alefa to guide them. Eliza liked it because it made learning fun and easy.

After using BEFIT, Eliza felt different. Reading became easier for her. She could understand words in both Chichewa and English better. Even math wasn't so scary anymore. Eliza could do sums faster and with more confidence.

"BEFIT changed my learning," Eliza said happily. "I used to struggle, but now I feel like I can do anything."

At Chikamveka Primary School, BEFIT helped kids like Eliza succeed. With BEFIT, learning became exciting, and students like Eliza felt ready to take on any challenge that came their way.


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