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270 student leaders trained in governance and participation skills

Creative Centre for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM) through its Girls Get Equal-Nzotheka project funded by NORAD through Plan Malawi has so far trained 270 students from 26 primary schools on governance and participation in Mulanje, Phalombe and Lilongwe districts.

CRECCOM’s Senior Program Officer, Zione Musa said that there is need for students to be equipped with governance and participation skills so that they can ably resolve challenges they meet at school.

Our aim is to build the capacity of students with skills and knowledge that would enable them voice out on issues that affect them as students and to fully participate in school governance,” said Musa

CRECCOM Senior Program Officer, Zione Mussa during training session

Musa said that the skills acquired will also help to foster self-awareness, equal power relations and participation for both boys and girls at school level. This would in-turn promote girls’ education thereby contributing to the goal of the project.

14 years old Chimwemwe Charles from Msambang'ombe primary school in Lilongwe testified that the through the trainings she had been empowered enough and would be able to lead fellow students in voicing out challenges they face at school.

Harsh punishments, sex advances from male teachers and students, inadequate sanitary facilities are some of the challenges that girls face at school. Lack of platforms and low self-esteem had been barring girls from voicing out. The trainings have enlightened and empowered. Using different platforms such as the suggestion box and PTA meetings, our concerns as girls will now be voiced out.,” said Charles.

Girls Get Equal project aims at contributing to the increase in the reduction of child early forced marriages and increase girls' educational attainment in 189 schools in Lilongwe, Mulanje and Phalombe.


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