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A Tilitonse funded project

Working in five Trad1t1onal Authorities, the goal of empowering women through the reduction of harmful socio-cultural factor.1 that predispose women to gender based violence (GBV), HIV and AIDS and marginalization of women In various decision making processes, community structures were engaged to spearhead community action An extensive gender equality promotion campaign 1n1hahve and a Societies Tackling AIDS through Rights approach (STAR)were employed In this project to address strategic and practical gender needs of women. To this effect. 120 STAR facilitators (of whom 68% were female) were 1dent1f1ed from each of the 120 targeted villages who in violence, addressing pragmatic gender needs of women, elimination or modification of some traditional practices, growing response by service providers and governance structures to women’s issues has also been seen, improved household income, food security access to education by children. happiness has been reported by many villagers especially women

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