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Community structures trained on manufacturing of milk production in a Milimo social enterprise

Chingwenya CBO of Namwera village, GVH Namwera, TA Jalasi is one of the community structures that NACC brought along on board during the Milimo training on value addition to raw materials for resource mobilization. During the training, NACC, Chingwenya CBO and 2 other CBOs as well as Bwananyambi youth club members learnt how to use locally available materials to manufacture items like soap, jam, milk, fertilizer and soya pieces. Milimo encouraged NACC and the other participants to not only utilize the skills in generating their own funds but also to share the skills with other community structures who can benefit likewise.

Following the training, Chingwenya CBO organized a community training workshop on from 9th to 10th October, 2023 at Chingwenya CBO office in Namwera where members of various community structures were invited to participate. The community structures included Chingwenya CBCC caregivers, Chingwenya Support Group and Chingwenya Youth Club. According to Chingwenya CBO Chairperson Kenneth Matumu who facilitated the training, the CBO decided to train these groups because they are vital in the community development of the area hence they require funds to properly play their roles.

“As a CBO we are an overseeing committee but the sub-committees that we have invited to this training workshop are the ones who do the hands-on work on the ground so instead of waiting to receive funds from the CBO, they will be able to generate funds on their own when the manufacture and sell the various products,” said Matumu.

He also said that the CBCC caregivers will also use the skills in milk making to give the nutritious milk to the children at the CBCC.

During the training workshop, the participants managed to produce and package the milk in bottles which they will sell for the start. The money from the sells will go to the CBO treasury but after the training, each committee will make and sell their own products and use the money at committee level. 


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