Senior Chief Chowe

Trustee Chowe is a Traditional Authority (TA) in one dominant tribe in Southern Malawi. TAs are responsible for adoption and enforcement of laws in their areas, and are usually respected thought leaders in their areas. Trustee Chowe is renowned for his visionary leadership in fostering community-led solutions for equitable quality education. He is reputed as a champion for girls’ education in Malawi. That is why in the past he was elected chair of the Presidential Committee on girls’ education in President Joyce Banda’s government. Chief Chowe number 7 is trained as a teacher and administrator, the position he has worked for over 26 years. He works with his subjects – communities and has special passion for girls’ education in a predominantly male dominated society. Trustee Chowe is both a cultural and Islamic region leader hence well respected in the Yao Tribe and Malawi. He is also the chairperson of senior chiefs in Mangochi district.

As a chief, Trustee Chowe has worked with Save the Children Fund in Mangochi on Youth to Youth for good life. Sultan Chowe has travelled to the following countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Libya and USA. Trustee Chowe serves in other Boards such as the National Food Agency and the Muslim Association of Malawi where he has also worked as a driver, teacher, clerk and administrator for 26 years.


Tel: +265 88 85 5005 +265 99 974 8315
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