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Covid-19 Response Mechanism - C19RM
ActionAid Malawi is implementing COVID 19 response mechanism (C19RM) project in partnership with its five SSRs namely SAT, CRECCOM, FPAM, ECM and MANET+. The grant is being implemented with support from Global Fund through Ministry of Health (MOH) as a Principal Recipient. The main goal is to mitigate the impact of COVID 19 on TB, Malaria and HIV.
Balaka, Blantyre, Chikwawa, Chiradzulu, Machinga, Mangochi, Mulanje, Mwanza, Nsanje, Phalombe, Thyolo, and Zomba
Let Girls Learn II
CRECCOM with funding from Echidna giving is implementing the Let Girls Learn II project as a follow-up project to Let Girls Learn 1 implemented in the same impact area in 2021. The project aims at equipping rural Malawian children and youth with academic, social, leadership and livelihood skills, which will increase self-awareness, problem-solving, and resiliency. The project is targeting 36 rural and marginalized CDSSs from 3 education divisions of SHED, CEED, and NED (16 in Thyolo, 4 in Mulanje, 8 in Ntchisi, and 8 in Chitipa).
Thyolo, Mulanje, Ntchisi and Chitipa districts
Girls Get Equal
CRECCOM partnered with Plan International Malawi to implement the Girls Get Equal – Nzotheka project. The project is being implemented across 189 primary schools with the primary goal of “reduced child marriages” and strict implementation considerations of gender transformative programming, disability inclusion and civil society strengthening.
Mulanje, Phalombe and Lilongwe Districts
Milimo is a USAID-funded project whose goal is "To strengthen the capacity of local institutions to deliver on their mandates, to help them in designing and implementing social behavioural change interventions using local resources whilst increasing financial independence and self-reliance."
Balaka, Machinga, Mangochi, Lilongwe and Zomba Districts
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