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Through the establishment of the Youth Forum at Chinunkha Community Day Secondary School at Traditional Authority Mwaulambia in the Chitipa district, a lot has been achieved. The Youth Forum has been established following the Improving Education Qualities in Community Day Secondary Schools project which was implemented by Creative Centre for Community Mobilization and funded by Mastercard Foundation and Echidna Giving.

During the period when the IEQ-CDSS project was being implemented, the Youth Forum were being trained on how best they could indulge in different small-scale businesses and other entrepreneurship intervention to support their life academically and even their school surrounding.

According to one of the members of Chinunkha CDSS Youth Forum, Rodrick Nyondo, the Youth Forum for Chinunkha CDSS had managed to maintain the landscape of their school as the visitors were encountering different challenges when they were arriving at the school.

“Visitors who come by cars used to face challenges during the rainy season as their cars failed to travel well and reach the school premises,” said Nyondo

Nyondo said that Chinunkha CDSS youth forum mobilized different resources like hoes, and slashes to cut all the grasses that were growing at the entrance of their school, and even the road which leads to their headteacher’s office.

Now, Nyondo has testified that most of their visitors are now not experiencing any difficulties when coming by their cars as most of them used to get stuck.

Chimwemwe Mhango, a mother of 2 living near the school has also said that what Chinunkha CDSS Youth Forum has done has helped to beautify the school premises more than it was before.

Chinunkha CDSS youth Forum is thankful to CRECCOM through their IEQ-CDSS project as it has assisted them to ensure that their school environment is improved as well as their mindset on business and other entrepreneurship skills are sharpened.


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