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A Community Unites to Restore Teachers' Toilets After Cyclone Freddy

Updated: Jan 16

In the aftermath of Cyclone Freddy, the tranquil lives of teachers residing near the school were disrupted as their toilets were destroyed. This unforeseen challenge left teachers at Michesi primary school grappling with inconveniences, pushing them to find alternative solutions.

"Teachers used to have a lot of challenges when they want to assist themselves as the only option which was only remaining for them was the use of the bushes around their homes," shared a concerned community member (name withheld).

The dire situation prompted teachers to resort to using student toilets at the school, creating an uncomfortable environment for both educators and students alike. Recognizing the urgency of the matter, the School Management Committee (SMC) and Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) convened with the school's headteacher to address the predicament.

In a display of unity and determination, the community embarked on a collective effort to find a solution. "We, together with parents of the students, managed to mold a total of 10,000 bricks," revealed Mary Baluwa, the chairperson for the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) at Michesi primary school.

This initiative marked the beginning of a transformative action to renovate the teachers' toilets. The bricks, molded through communal effort, symbolized not only the physical reconstruction but also the resilience of a community determined to overcome adversity.

The results were tangible and heartening. The newly renovated toilets now stand as a testament to the strength of community bonds. Teachers, who once faced daily challenges in attending to their needs, now express gratitude for the improved facilities.

"The teachers are now happy with the presence of the toilets at their houses, for they used to have struggles when they wanted to assist themselves," affirmed Mary Baluwa, the chairperson for the PTA at Michesi primary school



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