Ms. Madalo Esther Samati

POSITION: Executive Director

QUALIFICATION: MA in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University, (2010) US.

E-MAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: (+265) 991 875 860

Madalo has 22 years’ experience in NGO work and leadership including; operations; action research, community mobilization, project design and management on social issues such as education, gender equality, child protection, youth development, positive health behaviors, and social accountability.

Her global experiences include: speaking in a panel with former USA first lady Michelle Obama who gave a key note address on community led solutions to girls’ education. As a guest scholar at Brookings in 2013, she influenced global attention towards community led solutions to educate girls’. As an Education advisor on girls’ education, she was consulted by United Nations Girls Education secretariat and Global Partnership in Education in pilot testing a national Gender Analysis Tool in education (2014) in Malawi.

At national level, Ms Samati is the chair for the national Girls Secondary Education Trust just launched and she was instrumental is the review of Readmission Policy. She holds; a Master of Arts (Sustainable International Development) (2010) from Brandeis University – USA, a Global Guest Scholar on girls’ education and alumni at Brookings Institution – Washington DC (2013) and OSF’s New Executive Fund recipient. In recent years she led her Malawian organization, which has a national coverage, towards institutional strengthening for growth including establishing a social enterprise for financial sustainability.