Ms. Enia S. Mkwezalamba

Retired and consultant on curriculum development. An Educationalist by profession, she worked with MIE at Curriculum specialist, an Inspector of Schools, and Primary School teacher trainer and a primary school teacher.

Ms Mataya is a seasoned teacher, Curriculum Developer, and Researcher. She is also highly experienced in In-service Training. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Education from University of Malawi, Chancellor College obtained in 2011. She also holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the Brandon university, Manitoba Canada obtained in 1996; and a Diploma in Education which he obtained in 1974.

She worked with Malawi Institute of Education as Curriculum Specialist from 2003 to 2016 and retired in 2016 at senior Grade. Her work experience includes: primary school teacher from 1974 to 1988 ;Secondary School Teacher from 1974 to 1985; Primary School Inspector of Primary Schools, MoEST 1988 to 1994; from 1995 to 2003 she worked as a Lecturer at Lilongwe TTC, trainer of trainer of headship programme (MSSSP) Project, Secondary School Curriculum  National Coordinator, part time lectrurer at Chnco and Domasi Colleges of Education on Curriculum Development and Social Studies.   


Some publications by Trustee Mataya include:

A writer for Bookland International
Instructional material writing for social studies at all levels
Materials for ECCO-Schools in Salima
Climate change Instructional Materials for Primary and secondary schools
Trachoma source book
Education for human rights and democracy in Malawi (a sourcebook)


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