CRECCOM is a local Malawian NGO based in Zomba City in the Southern Region of Malawi. We have over 20 years of experience in social empowerment and community mobilization on a variety of issues. It was out of the USAID funded projects GABLE SMC that ran 1994 to 1998 and the pilot phase of the Social Mobilization Campaign for Educational Quality (SMC EQ Project) that ran up to 1999 that the organization was created. These project were contracted to a Washington DC based company called the Creative Associates International Incorporated but were implemented in Malawi by the same staff that now form CRECCOM. Having seen the achievements of these two projects, it was decided that the implementation methods that had been used could be built upon and used in more projects. On the 4th of April 1999 CRECCOM was registered with the Government of Malawi under the Trustees Incorporation Act 5:03. The organization is also registered with the Council of Non Governmental Organizations of Malawi (CONGOMA) as well as the NGO Board of Malawi. The official launch of the NGO was done on November 17, 1999, at Naliswe Primary School in Balaka.


“A future society with highly self-motivated citizens responsive to everchanging socio-economic& political pressure for the betterment of their welfare”


“To sensitize, motivate, mobilize, and empower communities and other stakeholders towards owning development initiatives through effective involvement and participation”


To contribute towards attainment of highly motivated and empowered communities through active participation in socio-economic and political development of the country

Core Values

  • Inspiring leadership
  • Sustainability mindset
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Financial prudence
  • Commitment and dedication
  • Result and action oriented
  • Enhancing stakeholder engagement
  • Courage and Resilience
  • Gender and cultural sensitivity


CRECCOM’s portfolio has over 43 projects across the country around its thematic pillars. Its staff of over 70 and over 1000 community volunteers are placed across the country. Some of its notable achievements include:

• Developed trust working with over 1,000 government district officials, including national level policy makers, district heads of departments and extension workers across sectors including; the Ministries of; Education, Gender and Community Services, Health, Agriculture, Labor, and Justice) since 1999 throughout the country. Some national policies influenced include; Readmission Policy, change of school calendar in order to accommodate initiation ceremonies; implementation of direct support to schools (known as school improvement grants and plans), in part as a response from national policymakers to advocacy work and visits they took to CRECCOM’s small grants school recipients, national plan of action against child labor, mother group training manual, inclusion of gender and child protection issues in district socio-economic plans; the formulation of district bylaws that included gender, education and child protection; and the creation of district committees on key issues including child protection and gender.

Three things that we are proud of;

  • We have indigenous staff and vast experience of project implementation, CRECCOM has massive knowledge of Malawi and highly evolved methods leading to well-documented results.
  • We are an attractive partner because we believe in working together with other organizations in a common sense of responsibility towards a shared goal. We have worked with many prominent international as well as national organizations and institutions.
  • Our attitude towards the target groups can be emphasized in two words: responsibility and understanding. Furthermore, the importance of capacity building and the well-being of our own staff is never compromised. Hence, our reputation is solid and we are an attractive workplace.