The joys of hard work

On June 8 2021 Sarah Chibwe dismissed her Standard Eight students at Bowe Primary School. It was at 1 pm, the time students at senior primary school level leave for home. The teacher, as usual, told them to return at 2 pm for afternoon classes. The students left and came back before time. This time, students in other classes had already left the school premises, but their seniors had come back.

At 4 pm, she called it a day and bade the students goodbye.

Chibwe, who was among the 15 Mobilisation Corps of Malawi in 2006, said there is a reward in hard work.  “This is what I learned when I was with Creative Centre for Community Mobilisation (CRECCOM) as an MCM.”

The teacher, who comes from Mwambimbi Village in Traditional Authority Chakhadza in Dowa, was posted to Namwini Cluster in Mponela in the district. She was responsible for Namwini, Chikwete and Mwachiswa primary schools.

Chibwe and her colleagues established quiz and debate clubs at the schools which helped to improve students’ performance.

“We could also engage communities in problem-solving through drama. In the end, some schools built toilets and other infrastructure such as libraries,” she said.

But, throughout her stay with CRECCOM, Chibwe came to realize that there was no substitute for hard work. So, despite being a volunteer with the organisation, she worked her lungs out to ensure the project’s good outcome.

“The hard work helped me in college as I found studies relatively easy,” she said.

Chibwe recalls that people started giving her and her colleagues vacancies to apply, after noticing their dedication to work. That is how she found herself at Kasungu Teacher Training College where she graduated in 2010.

She was posted to Kawangi Primary School in Dowa South-East where she worked for one year. In 2011 she went to Bwevu Primary School in Mponela where she stayed until 2019. In 2020, she was posted to Bowe Primary School.

Since she is already accustomed to hard work, she did not grumble when she was posted to Bowe, located 35 kilometres from Madisi.

There, she does not complain for she knows how hard work rewards people in life.

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