Saved from the jaws of marriage in GVH Mwawa’s area

Doreen Mussa, 15 years old, dropped in Grade 5 and got married in January 2021- a COVID 19 victim at Chirwa Primary School.

We were not learning at school due to Coronavirus. I thought school has ended so I accepted a marriage proposal from a village boy,” said Doreen.

Three months later, Chief Mwalwa with a team of men came to Alinafe’s (Doreen’s mother) house to end the marriage.

Chief Mwawa encouraged me and my daughter on the importance of education and the negative impact of a child marriage,” said Alinafe. The team also met Doreen’s grandmother as an elder in a matrilineal marriage set up and later met her school’s Head Teacher. “A mother group also came and encouraged us. Doreen is now back to school,” said Alinafe.

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