For the love of children

Tamara Kwawilira, a primary school teacher at Madisi Primary School in Dowa, says she became a teacher because she loves children.

Her passion for teaching, though, is not inborn. She just developed it in 2006 when she joined Creative Centre for Community Mobilisation (CRECCOM) as a Mobilisation Corp of Malawi (MCM).

Just like others, she was posted to a zone to conduct activities to help improve school infrastructure and mobilise more children to go to school.

Kwawilira was posted to Mponela II where she was responsible for Mponela II, Kamwana and Mphimbi primary schools.

She recalls that dropout was high at the schools and her job was to turn that around.

“So, through drama performances, we convinced parents to send children to school. Gradually, some parents began sending their children to school,” she explains.

For two years from 2006 to 2008, she interacted with children at the three schools, she fell in love with them and the job. “This motivated me to train as a teacher to continue interacting with children.”

Through playing parks and other extracurricular activities, her bond with children grew until she applied for a teaching programme at Kasungu Teachers Training College in 2008. She graduated in 2010 and was posted to Chibweza Primary School in Mponela Zone in Dowa.

She taught there for two years before the Ministry of Education transferred her to Nsangu Primary School in the district.

“In 2019, I was posted to Madisi Primary School, where I am currently teaching,” she explains.

Throughout the years, Kwawilira has ensured that she dedicates herself to her learners. She knows that teaching demands dedication and commitment to mould children into better citizens.

“While with CRECCOM, we came to understand the importance of educating children because when they break the cycle of poverty when they get employed or engaged in other income-generating activities,” she says.

But Kwawilira, the mother of three, also says being an MCM with CRECCOM helped her get knowledge, especially how to make tallula, which helped her in college.

“I shall always be indebted to CRECCOM for exposing me to schools where I conceived a dream to pursue a career in teaching,” she says.

When she finally dismissed her learners at midday, she reassuringly told them they would meet the next day. The children reciprocated the good gesture by waving at her as they poured out of their classroom.

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