17-Year-old Patuma back to school after an abusive marriage

I thought I was going to find happiness in marriage but I became a victim of an abusive marriage. He slapped me for no reason,” said Patuma.

Patuma dropped out of school on the verge of writing her Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination (PLSCE). She was 17 years when an elderly man from the village pressured her for marriage. “The guy came at home and proposed marriage to me 3 times. He even proposed as I was going to school the other day. Then I accepted his hand in marriage,” narrated Patuma.

After being trained on Barbershop toolkit by CRECCOM, Chief Nyama said that together with his team of men, he went through his village to end child marriages.

Child marriages were eliminated and one of them is that of Patuma. We visited her home,” said Nyama.

Agreeing with Nyama, the Chairperson for Nyama Village Development Committee who is also a Facilitator for Nyama Barbershop, Pichesi Daudi, said that he communicated with the mother group to encourage Patuma on the importance of education.

She is now back to school at Nkasaulo Primary School in Atandard 8 and ready to write her PLSCE exams.

“I and my parents are now happy that I am back to school,” said Patuma.

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