Suggestion saves girls from GBV at Nazombe primary school in Phalombe

Jenifer Yekha is a woman aged 59 and hails from Thamanda village in traditional authority Nazombe in Phalombe district. Due to her activeness in community development activities, Jenifer was selected to be one of the members of the safe school committee under Girls Get Equal (GGE) at Nazombe Primary school.

Before the GGE project, Jenifer was already the mother group chairperson. Before GGE, her team of mother group was managing cases affecting the education of a girl child.

The coming in of the safe school committee by the CRECCOM through the GGE project had helped a lot in revealing issues affecting girls at the school this has made schools be safe for girls.

“It was hard for young girls to tell us some sensitive issues affecting their education during sensitization meetings or on one-to-one interview sessions; most of the girls were shy to talk. The introduction of the suggestion box has provided a platform where girls are free to voice out issues affecting their education. We have issues where boys were touching the breast of girls and the use of abusive and demotivation words towards older girls in a class by teachers.” Narrated Janipher Yekha a safe school member

The headteacher for the school agrees with the safe school committee

I have noted that boys were holding girls breasts intentionally when they are on queue to receive porridge, this had been a tendency but we did not know until it had been written and put in our suggestion box. We have introduced a system where girls should go and receive porridge first to avoid sexual harassment cases at our school.”  Explained Mr. Chimwaza, the headteacher.

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