Dines Mpophera goes back to school

Without education, it is very hard for a person to be financially independent and a responsible citizen whom people can look up to. One of the young persons who can testify to this is Dines Mpophera a standard 7 student at Nkanda Primary School of Chambe zone. Dines aged 14, comes from Livetere village in Traditional Authority Nkanda in Mulanje district. As the second-born son in a family of 6, Dines dropped out of school in 2019 because of poverty. “My family could not afford to provide me with enough food and school necessities like notebooks. As a result, sometimes I could go to school without eating anything”.

Dines also had to support his family and as a result, he dropped out of school and he found a job as a doughnuts seller. Dines was paid K2000 per month. However, this money was not enough for himself and he could not support his family. It was as if he was not working.

However, the implementation of the Girls Get Equal-Nzotheka Project by CRECCOM with funding from NORAD through its interventions has allowed Dines to go back to school. The project trained school structures like the headteacher on inclusive education which is key to improving quality education. As a way of including every learner in education, the headteacher of Nkanda Primary School Mr. J. Kachala, counseled Dines to go back to school.

I was heartbroken to hear the amount of salary which Dines was getting from his employer for selling doughnuts hence, I had to do everything in my power to convince Dines to go back to school”. Explained Mr. Kachala.

According to Dines, “when I met the headteacher, Mr. Kachala, I was convinced that I needed to go back to school so that I can be a better person instead of being a doughnuts seller receiving k2000 per month”.

Dines was re-admitted back into standard 7 in the first term of the year 2021 and according to the headteacher, he is performing well in class. Dines has vowed to work extra hard in class because he wants to go to college. According to the headteacher, “we will try our best to convince learners who dropped out of school to go back to school”.

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