A youth who found winning formula

Gideon Mumba from Traditional Authority Zulu in Mchinji knows how to spend his time.

The 25-year-old young man realises that time is a precious commodity he cannot afford to mismanage. He says he owes his success to his time management, which he learned from Creative Centre for Community Mobilisation (CRECCOM) Youth In Action Project.

CRECCOM implemented the project with support from MasterCard Foundation (Canada) through Save the Children between 2012 and 2017 in T/As M’duwa, Zulu, Mkanda and Mavwere in the district.

The programme was expected to reach 39 850 direct beneficiaries over six years. By March 2018 the programme had reached 43 792 youths in 5 countries namely Malawi, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Ethiopia and Uganda . From this figure, 40 593 youths completed the learning phase and 36 314 youths graduated from the full programme .In Malawi the project targeted four districts including Mchinji, Kasungu, Ntchisi and Rumphi.

That was soon after he had just dropped out of school in Form Two due to lack of school fees in 2014. Then, he thought that was the end of his life. But, God had other plans for the young man.

“When I joined YIA lessons in 2014, our mentors taught how to manage time. They said we should

always use time for something productive,” he says.

So, after finishing the lessons, Mumba chose to go into agribusiness. He found a place at the dambo where he grew tomatoes.

“I received K70 000 in 2017 which I invested in farming. I realised more profits after the sales,” he recalls.

The father of two used the money he got from his farm to buy fertilisers for food crops. As a result, he got enough food that he banished hunger from his household.

“Gone are the days when I would spend many days doing piece work in other people’s farms to get food,” he says.

Indeed, Mumba has enough food if what appears on his homestead is anything to go by.

On the western side of his decent house is a granary full of maize—around the compound, chickens and darks cackle and quack—a sign of plenty.

But Mumba, who has established himself as a workaholic, spend almost every minute of his life working.

Early in the morning, he goes to his garden to attend to his vegetables. While there, he also looks for fresh grass to feed his dairy cow.

He bought it last year under the agriculture commercialization project. He says he wants to try his luck in dairy farming.

When he brings home the feed for the cow, he gets his lunch and rests a little. Then he goes back to the garden, this time, to attend to sugarcanes.

He returns home at twilight, not to sleep, but to make plans for the next day.

When we visited his home on June 5 2021, we did not find him. We were told he was at his garden. It had to take someone to follow him to the farm to tell him about our visit.

It was not until evening that we met him. That is when we knew that his success is largely dependent on how he manages time. After all, William

Shakespeare writes in Macbeth that “To beguile time/One must look like time.” This is Mumba’s formula for success.

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