Love Simfukwe aged 17 and a form 4 girl at Kalenge  Community Day Secondary School (CDSS) comes from Chipwera village, Traditional Authority (TA) Mwenemisuku in Chitipa district. Love was born from a polygamous family where his father has 3 wives and 14 children.   The father Mr. Simfukwe has no other means of supporting his family apart from farming. Taking care of such a big family without any stable means has always been a challenge to Mr. Simfukwe and this resulted in inadequate care and support to most of his children including Love.

In 2019 while Love was in form 2, CRECCOM through the IEQ-CDSS project introduced the youth forums at Kalenge CDSS. Being in form 2, Love was eligible for the life skills youth forum but did not join as she was not sure what the clubs’ objectives were.

Later while in form 3, Love decided to start a small business that would support her education especially the basic needs. Love shared her business plans and vision with a friend Elieta Mzumara. Elieta encouraged Love to join the youth forums to learn more about business skills. Elieta had heard from a classmate that at the youth forum they also discuss issues to do with a mindset change and entrepreneurial skills. Love joined the livelihood forum immediately.

“at the time I was joining I had already started my small business of selling banana cakes. While at the forum I learned a lot that improved my business ranging from market survey, vision board, adding value, demand, and supply concepts. All these topics were very beneficial to me and I kept on improving my business. Previously, I used to make MK500.00 and below as profit per day but not can walk home with MK2,000.00 a day. Can support me with school uniforms, notebooks, pens, school bags, and other basic needs. I no longer complain of inadequate support from my father.” Narrated Love

Love can balance her academic life and business since her mother takes over the business while she is at school.

Love is a hardworking girl and she is always in the top 10. Last term she was position 9 in a class of 55. Doing business alongside schooling is not affecting Love negatively. We have hope that she will perform well during the national examination” narrated Kalenge headmistress Mrs. Rose

Rose aspires to study medicine and become a nurse one day

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