Malawi is a youthful country with over 40 percent of its population consisting of the youth. This already predetermines those young people who have a very big role to play in this nation. Neglecting young people in development is denying the majority and active population from participating and contributing to national development. By actively involving the youth, a sense of ownership is built and the youth take full responsibility for development initiatives.

Improving Education Quality in Community Day Secondary Schools (IEQ-CDSS) project through the youth forum concept equips young people with a sense of responsibility so that they can recognize challenges in their society and take action. The youth forum concepts realize that if well nurtured, the youth can contribute positively to the development of society and if they are not well nurtured, they can be distractive.

In 2019, Creative Centre for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM) through the IEQ-CDSS project conducted youth forum leaders training targeting 8 students (4 males and 4 females) Among those trained was Richard Nyondo a student in form 2.

During the training, it was emphasized that as young people we need to put our energy into positive use that is beneficial to the society. I have always been challenged by this idea. In May 2021, when my friends and I were outside the classrooms chatting, I noticed that our school surrounding was not looking very good especially around the head teacher’s office” narrated Richard

Richard convinced his friends to start a project of working on the school surrounding. According to Richard, he and other youth forum leaders and members namely; Weston Changa form 2, Techson Muyawa form 2, Kondwani Chanya form 2, Rodrick Nyondo form 3, and Aaron Kayuni form 3 approached the headteacher with the idea and they were given the consent to start their project.

We work twice a week from early in the morning (4:00 am to 6:00 am). We have the full support of the management and we are anticipating that by August we will complete the work.” Shared Richard

On what motivates the boys to work without any payment, Richard shared that a beautiful school surrounding is their motivation. Although the boys are being laughed at by their colleagues, they are not moved, all they want to do is to contribute to their national building

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