With the coming in of the HC4L project under Moyo ndi Mpamba campaign, different Community Theatre Groups (CTGs) and Radio Listening Clubs (RLCs) have been working with CRECCOM to enhance important health messages to both pregnant and married couples.

One of them is Sazola Radio Listening Club which is located at Sazola village, Group Village Head Sazola in Traditional Authority Mabuka in Mulanje district. As part of its duties, Sazola RLC identified Chrissy to assist her on health-related topics.

According to the chairperson for Sazola RLC, Lucy Mpinde, Sazola RLC identified Chrissy when she was 8 months old pregnant.

“After receiving some training on how we are supposed to use the wheel of life-saving practices from CRECCOM under HC4L project, we went around Sazola village and look for women who are pregnant and even have children below the age of five. We then came across Chrissy who was pregnant. We shared the wheel of life-saving practices with her to paste it on the wall of her house and then be following the health-related topics every day until the baby is born and reaches the age of five. We found out that there were a lot of things that she did not know and her life was going to be at risk of suffering from different health-related diseases as a pregnant mother and also causes different health challenges to her unborn child,” narrated Lucy.

Agreeing with what Lucy said, Chrissy appreciated Sazola RLC for all the health information that she received during their visits.

“When Sazola RLC started visiting me during the time I was 8 months old pregnant, they advised me on the importance of sleeping under a mosquito net, eating food that is rich in six groups of food nutrients, going to the nearby clinic to receive Antenatal Care (ANC) service by the health personnel. They even highlighted the importance of these practices in my life and even for the unborn baby. For the issue of eating food that is rich in food nutrients, they reasoned that it helps the unborn baby to receive all the necessary nutrients that the baby requires so that the baby shall be born with a healthy body. On the issue of sleeping under a mosquito net, they emphasized that it helps to prevent the mother from the attack of malaria,” explained Chrissy.

When the baby was born, Chrissy also said that Sazola RLC approached them and advised the husband on the role that he was supposed to play to assist the wife.

Dorothy taking care of the baby

“My husband was advised to source for transport to escort me to the hospital of which in this case was Mulanje district hospital which is far away from my house. They also advised him that he should buy a basin, towel and some clothes to be used during the time of delivery of the baby at the hospital. Now the baby is one month old and is strong and energetic,” said Chrissy.

Apart from that, Lucy Mpinde said that they encouraged the couple of Chrisy to be washing hands every time they visit the toilet, change their one-month-old baby, and before eating anything, to ensure that the issue of hygiene and sanitation is observed by Chrissy and her family.

Additionally, since most people do not care about having a tippy tap which is locally known as Mpondagiya, Lucy said that they advised the couple on the importance of having a tippy tap outside their toilet.


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