CRECCOM and Edukans have for the past two decades been implementing education programs aimed at improving access to equitable primary and secondary education. With funding from MasterCard Foundation and Echidna Giving Foundation, CRECCOM and Edukans have for the past two years been implementing innovations in projects aimed at improving education quality in Community Day Secondary Schools in 52 Community Day Secondary Schools across the country.   CRECCOM works very closely with Edukans/EEDF, another PSIPSE grantee in in-service teacher training intervention and engagement with Domasi College of Education (DCE) and Directory of Secondary and Distant Education (DSDE).

Specifically, the projects (starting with CRECCOM’s IEQ-CDSS and later Edukans STORY STAR) aim to:

  • Improve English language, leadership, and employability skills among all youths in the targeted secondary schools
  • Increase pedagogical skills and content knowledge in English for 108 in-service teachers
  • Support 36 schools to improve school management and governance
  • Enhance Ministry of Education’s capacity for decision making to improve quality of CDSSs

EDUKANs’ STAR School Project aims to facilitate transition and retention of students and help improve educational outcomes by improving the quality of teaching and learning environment in 16 community day secondary schools. Specific objectives of the STAR School project are:

  • Enhance teaching skills, instructional practices, and skills to provide continuous professional development for 88 teaching professionals (teachers, headteachers, teacher educators, and SEMAs)
  • Improve retention and student learning outcomes as the demonstrated impact of the STAR School model
  • Generate evidence of the effectiveness of the STAR school model at the secondary level

At the national level, the projects look at ensuring that reforms are introduced to accelerate improvement in quality of education in that targeted CDSSs and collaborate with other partners working in the CDSSs through a CDSS working group.

So you are invited to attend this event virtually via zoom platfomr to elarn more on what is going to be shared on that day. The event is going to b hosted live on our Facebookand YouTube channels. The day for the event is on 23 June 2021 and the event shall start at 9:00am in the morning to 2:00pm in the afternoon. We can’t wait to be with you this coming wednesday!!

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