Esther Photolota, 27, who is married to Shadreck Saini was only six months pregnant when Yamwala RLC identified them as one of the beneficiaries of the wheel of life-saving practices family depends on tobacco and maize farming to earn money to support their family.

Esther said that despite learning a lot of topics on what a pregnant woman needs to be doing at home, she still, together with her husband was missing a lot of health-related topics since their marriage is new.

“I attended my secondary education at Kanyenda Community Day Secondary School (CDSS). During that time, I learned about the six groups of food nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, minerals, and vitamins. I also learned about the signs and symptoms of a pregnant woman but more knowledge on the same was needed so that I and my husband could be practically practicing them,” said Enelesi.

Esther said that she learned that a pregnant woman is supposed to eat food that is rich in the six groups of food nutrients but she used to think that the books were not saying the truth until Yamwala RLC came to her house under Moyo ndi Mpamba campaign to share her the wheel of life-saving practices and educated her on the same.

The chairperson for Yamwala RLC, Pyela Banda, said that a couple of Esther and Shadreck being one of the pregnant couples at Yamwala village, Group Village Head Yamwala in Kasungu district, it was really necessary to visit the couple with the wheel of life-saving practices and taught them important health issues.

“We started visiting Esther in January 2021 when she was six months pregnant. We made sure that we visit her together with her husband Shadreck. We advised them on the importance of eating food that is rich in six groups of food nutrients since it helps in terms of good health of the unborn baby and the mother as well,” said Pyela.

Adding to what Pyela said, Esther said that she remembered what her Biology teacher taught her at Kanyenda CDSS on the importance of eating food rich in six groups of food nutrients to say that it prevents the unborn baby from suffering from malnutritional diseases since as kwashiorkor, marasmus, and Pneumonia after birth.

Through the wheel of life-saving practices which was brought by Yamwala RLC, Esther said that her family was been assisted in receiving a mosquito net that it uses every day to prevent themselves from malaria attack.

Esther also said that she has been assisted a lot with Moyo ndi Mpamba campaign since she can know the number of Kilograms (Kgs) which her 3 weeks old baby weighs. This has been done since she was advised by Yamwala RLC on the importance of going for ANC service together with her husband when she was pregnant and Esther said that she has been going for ANC service every month.

“I can monitor the progress of kgs of my baby. For example, for May 2021, my baby weighs 3.2kgs,” said Esther.

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