Merina Moya Shines in PAST Project

In the village of Kafyutu, TA Mzukubola, Mzimba district, there is a woman of 52 years of age by the name Merina Moya. This woman was married twice from the same family. What happened was that, after the death of his husband in 1994, she was forced to marry a brother to the deceased because the late husband did not bear any child with her. This second husband bear with her 5 children but the marriage did not continue because the husband was not able to take care of his own children due to unnecessary drinking. She then left the home of the husband and now she stays with her married first girl.

However, Merina does not just stay idle, she is a business woman who sells irish potatoes at Segede market, along Mzimba M1 road, almost 7 kilometers from Jenda market. She started the

business from the savings she was making after receiving K5000 in every two months from the Mtukulapakhomo project. She was then identified and selected to become the PAST project beneficiary, an initiative being implemented by the consortium of Save the Children and CRECCOM with funding from FARMSE.

In the proceedings of the project, Merina was given lessons and messages from the project through Kapilimakutu Radio Listening Club (RLC) members and the Project Community Agent (CA). She was taught how to save money through joining village savings and loans groups, how to take care of the children and the daily welfare, how to prepare the six food groups, business management, and smart agriculture. Along the way, she started applying these lessons for the benefit of her family.

Consequently, as a beneficiary under the first phase, she received K90,000 from the project which she has invested part of the money in the growing of onions and tomatoes (almost 1.5 acres) and another money has been invested in the growing of maize. She bought maize seeds and fertilizers for this rainy season and insecticides for her onions and tomatoes. Merina says, “I am expecting to get K150,000 just from the tomatoes that I have grown. I will use this money to start building my house”

Merina believes that hard work pays and she is also expecting to harvest a lot of maize from her fields. She believes that her children will do better in their schools and she will be able to pay for their school fees. She believes that staying without a husband is not a problem for her, the only problem that she fears is to be lazy because she can starve her children. Merina encourages her fellow women who live alone as well as those in marriages to find some business to do in order to develop their families.

PAST project is continuing impacting lives of so many beneficiaries through its messages and lessons that are being disseminated by the CAs, drama club members and RLC members, as well as radio programs.

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