Joice Banda is one of the PAST project beneficiaries from Zikhore village in the Traditional Authority Mbelwa in Mzimba district. Joice is married with six children, four females and two males.

Joice’s life has not been easy for the past years before PAST project.

“I used to depend on doing piece works in other people’s fields in order for me to  get food for my family, my children were also not going to school due to lack of school materials like exercise books, uniforms. We sleep in unfinished house all sharing the same room, my home also used to experience diarrhea diseases” Joice narrated.

Things started to change with the life of Joice Banda in 2019 with the coming in of PAST project interventions in her area particularly when Uchizi Radio Listening Club (RLC) members one of the community structures that PAST project is working with started to visit her home with messages of investing the money in business, nutrition, WASH

“I now have Mpondagiya at my toilet used to wash hands and also the Thandala where I put my plates after washing to prevent my family from diarrhea diseases which has now reduced. After being encouraged, I keep more money to VSL where after sharing the money, I am able to buy fertilizer which after applying to my maize field, I am able to harvest enough to feed my family.

Joice explains how the seed money capital from PAST project has added another value in her life.

“I have received K100, 000.00 from PAST project as part of my first share, so I bought four pigs, I used K35, 000.00 to build the min shop, and I used K65, 000.00 to order the groceries. I now live a happy life as I am able to get the basic needs at home like food, soap, salt after selling the groceries in my shop. My children are now going to school as am now able to buy them school materials like exercise books and even clothes. I have bought iron sheets as I want to build a brick house.

Joice is looking forward to be the people with the reliable shop in her community where all people will be buying things from, she therefore give thanks to PAST project for helping her be recognized in the community with her life improvement.

Pathways for Successful Transition( PAST) is a project being implemented in Mzimba district of Malawi by Save the children International and CRECCOM .The three years project targets the Social Cash Transfer beneficiaries to graduate from ultra-poverty  into a resilient livelihood.


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