Tryness Nyirenda aged 43 is one of the PAST project beneficiaries. She comes from Edakweni, T/A Mtwalo. Tryness has been receiving SCTP money amount to K5000 which she was using to support her family with the basic needs. She has got 4 Children. Alice has been suffering as she could not manage to support her family with the little, she was getting from the SCTP. She has been struggling to buy farm inputs such as fertilizer for her garden and she could not afford to pay school fees and buy some necessary material for her school children. Tryness once had a vision to start a small business but that could be realized due to lack of capital.

Pathways for Successful Transition (PAST) Project came in to fulfil her vision. Tryness as one of the PAST project beneficiaries in the first phase of receiving seed capital, received K110,000.00 as her capital. she then got business skills through mentorship and coaching from CRECCOM mentors, CAs as well as RLC members who have been visiting her. Tryness started her business of selling dry and fresh fish that she orders from Karonga and sells it at Enukweni market. she makes sales within the range of K20,000 – K25000 every day. Since she started her business, her life has changed. She is now able to support her family fully. She has managed to buy fertilizer out of her business and she is able to provide school necessities for her children. “Since I started my business things have been going well in my family. I didn’t harvest enough food last year due to lack of fertilizer, but still I am able to buy food enough for my family,” said Tryness.

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