Ndisani Radio Listening Club (RLC) is one of the radio-listening clubs implementing PAST project in Mzimba district. The club is working with the PAST beneficiaries in Ndisani Nzima cluster, in the area of tradition authority Chindi. There are 15 members in the club out of which 10 are females and 5 are males. One of the activities the club planned to conduct was having a groundnuts garden. A place to grow was provided by one of the club members who volunteered to offer it free of charge.

Early December in 2020, the club started clearing the land in readiness for the growing season. As for the groundnut seeds, the members agreed to make a contribution of 1 kilogram each.

When asked about their plans after growing the groundnuts, the club’s mentor, Tionge Juwa, expressed that they intend to sell the produce at a later stage when demand is high and use the proceeds for running club’s activities.

Apart from having a field, the club also conducts activities such as listening to Tidzidalire program on radio Tigabane every Wednesday, conducting community sensitization meetings and home visits.

Pathways for Successful Transition (PAST) is a three-year program targeting Social Cash Transfer Program (SCTP) beneficiaries in all the ten T/As of Mzimba district with an intention of graduating them from ultra-poverty.

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