Kawere Radio Listening Club (RLC) is one of the six RLC and Community Theatre Groups (CTGs) which was trained by Creative Centre for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM) under its one-year project called Amplifying Peoples Voices in Demand of Accountability  (APV) funded by Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA).

Kawere RLC which is based in Mchinji district, has managed to conduct a follow up of two teacher’s houses that are being constructed at Kawere Primary School.

The secretary for Kawere RLC, Janet Kosam, said that before receiving trainings on accountability by CRECCOM under APV project, they were unable to make follow-up of construction of two classroom block at Kawere RLC.

“We were very illiterate in following up development projects in our community,” said Kosam.

Kosam said that the project of constructing the two classroom classes started in 2019 by the school’s committee and Chiefs through the school’s funds.

“The project stopped because of inadequate funding in 2020,” said Kosam.

Kawere RLC made some follow-up on the project in order to revamp it. The RLC met the School committee to find ways of mobilizing funds in older for the project of the two teachers houses to continue.

The two houses for the teachers that are under construction are at roofing stage. Windows, doors, plastering and paint are other materials that are remaining for the houses to be completed.

Currently, the school committee for Kawere Primary School together with Kawere RLC are just waiting for the rainy season to end and then finalise the construction of the two houses by October 2022.

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