CRECCOM motivates student

Isaac Mbukwa,19, is in Form Four at Nkhangwa Community Day Secondary School (CDSS) in Chitipa, but he nearly quit school.

Business people who go to Tanzania inspired him to join their trade. They said there was no hope in school. Moreso learning at a CDSS.

Their words rang bell in his head because he was from a poor family that needed urgent help. So, for him, business was the only venture that could give him quick finances to support his family.

Mbukwa said: “I was born in a family of seven children. All my elder brothers and a sister dropped out of primary school and got married. I was looking forward to dropping out of school any time when I learnt about unpredictable university opportunities that were available for students from rural CDSSs.”

However, his attitude towards education changed when he was in Form Three.

Creative Centre for Community Mobilisation (CRECCOM) introduced a MasterCard Foundation and Echidna Giving-funded Improving Education Quality in Community Day Secondary–(IEQ-CDSS) in the area and Mbukwa was elected youth leader in his class.

During CRECCOM trainings, he leant that it was possible for CDSS learners from rural areas to access university education and the requirements necessary for admission were equally shared to the participants.

Inspired by the new knowledge, Mbukwa redesigned his dream from running business to becoming a science teacher like his primary school teacher.

The student used the money he got for his lunch allowances to buy pigs to raise so he could support his education.

Now Mbukwa is working hard to go to university.

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